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7 books. 1 Million Words. A Modern Epic to Transcend the Ages.

Seven powerful heroines must find their strength and come together to save two worlds from an interplanetary apocalypse in a completely modern, multicultural epic that is "hauntingly relevant to today's world."



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A note from the author (March 22, 2020)

As everyone on Earth endures these unprecedented times, I am reminded of the journeys of my heroines as they struggled to save humanity in a world of similar uncertainty. From Neha, the outgoing half-human scientist pushing innovation to new heights to find an ingenious solution to a global apocalypse, to Supriya working tirelessly to inspire the human race to save themselves and their neighbors with pragmatism, compassion, and kindness, I am finding solace in their strength, and I hope you can too. 
I sincerely hope that new and returning readers can take from the complicated journeys of my heroines the inspiration that I have found. May you all stay safe and healthy, and find the inner strength to flourish in the global transformation that we are all experiencing now.
I am reminded of the prologue to Book 7 - Black Sapphire, written by Supriya as she is watching the world succumb to an apocalypse that looks only too familiar to the real world today. But, Supriya and her fellow heroines have the strength to overcome, and so do we. 
Although published in 2016, it feels particularly relevant right now:

We have all been brought into this world through the miracle described by religion and science differently, but which results nonetheless in the creation of a thinking and feeling being who takes her place in the grand order. We wake up every morning and embark on the next leg of a never-ending journey to make our lives meaningful. This, in turn, brings an inkling of beauty to a dark, chaotic battle between peace and destruction that has existed every moment of every day since the dawn of time. Sometimes that battle is so obvious and explicit, the consequences of utter annihilation so clear, that our contribution can be seen and acknowledged openly.


It is in these times of open chaos that the cause of peaceful dharmic life hangs cannily on the edge of permanent destruction, wiggling like a loose tooth on the edge of a nerve, just waiting for one more flap of the tongue to pop it out in a pool of blood.

In such times, every person is forced to face the choice of what kind of world they want to live in. These moments of truth define us and give brief respite to the long-suffering silent heroes, as they are no longer forced to do their good in the subtle and mundane actions of daily human drudgery, but instead are momentarily allowed to burst forth like a light on the world, bringing their cause of a better life to a grateful and desperate populace, who at their darkest hour, are willing to admit that what they really want more than anything is a safe and happy life filled with love.

But, as it has happened far too often in the history of the worlds, the descent to the darkest hour is a savagely painful one. It teeters precariously between hope and despair, seething lies and burgeoning truths, divine challenges and mundane solutions. It draws out the brutality of unnecessary suffering for far too long. 

And yet, the journey is a necessary one, for the species of Earth have always been martyrs for experiential knowledge. Just as the scientific realities of natural selection through the constant, inevitable cycle of birth and death govern all evolution in our natural world, so too, do they govern the evolution of our struggling civilizations. For, when it comes right down to it, reason, justice, liberty, and logic––the values that humans have come so heavily to rely upon for sophisticated society to function––have very little to do with the basest realities of life on Earth. 

But, all is not lost.

Whatever the detailed facts are of the matter at hand, the great truth that eclipses all others is that the people of Earth have in their possession the great boon of advanced moral reason. For the ability to love, and feel, and think, and transcend beyond the primal instincts of the savage dark voices within all of us, is our saving grace. It allows the people of Earth, for the first and only time since life on the planet began, to control utterly and completely the future of our species. 

And so, without any more time to debate, we must now make the ultimate decision: Will we choose to transcend our savagery, or will we allow ourselves to perish. 

As I write this, and reflect upon the great final task at hand, I must acknowledge that it is the divine role of our reluctantly anointed pantheon to inspire within our charges the capacity and the will to make the right choice. The choice that will save the worlds. The choice that will restore the balance. The choice that will drag the people of Earth kicking and screaming from prayer and paralysis into action. 

It is up to us now, all of us, to make sure that the great boon of free will does not become a curse. The gods are here to help, and as the clock ticks down to the reckoning of all reckonings, may the many species of Earth take it upon themselves to do what they must to save themselves. 

The time has come for our epic to end. And now we must do what we can to make sure that it is not, in the end, an epic tragedy. 


May light triumph over darkness when it matters most. 



"This is a FABULOUS read! … The story just flowed so well and the characters were very real and relatable - characters you care about and can't wait to find out what will happen next. I HIGHLY recommend this to those who enjoy great writing as well as a book that spans cultures and time/history." Sherri Smith, GoodReads


"THIS WAS SO GREAT! I absolutely love the world building … The ensemble cast of characters is also fantastic! They all have interesting backstories and distinct personalities. Writing is great, story is awesome, pacing on point." Verona Eekma de Vries, GoodReads


“Once the foundation was built, I thought I was on a ‘skyscraper’ metaphorically speaking. This book is outstanding.” Janet Arroyo, GoodReads


"Violet Sapphire is an amazing follow up to Red Sapphire and in my opinion I found the second book even better. The story is exciting, packed full of mysteries and looming danger, all created through great writing. I found the characters more intriguing in this book as more aspects of their backgrounds are uncovered but you're still left with lingering questions about parts of their stories and destined paths... This is an amazing follow up to a fantastic first book and I'd recommend for everyone to at least try to start this series." Reading Corner, GoodReads


"I really enjoyed this book, it's made me feel better about YA. It's super well written, the characters are realistic and had realistic reactions to the events. I loved the independence and the strength of the female characters and that the main character, Supriya, didn't need to be saved as such. But she also wasn't this super powerful "I can do anything on my own" all of a sudden either. The mythology of the book was also well written and interesting. I loved that the few scenes that took place in India didn't have an "exotic wonderland" setting that a lot of YA has been doing recently. All in all this was great. Diverse, realistic and strong characters, a super interesting world and an interesting storyline :)" Gotherella BioVenom, GoodReads


"This series is shockingly good, much better than I realized even as I finished the first book, and I highly recommend it." Anika Shankar, GoodReads

"Will be waiting for the next installment. Shanti and Vibhishana are clearly the heroes in this out of the world explanation giving Ramayan a new twist. Here Raam surely knows what wrong he did, and Sita knows what should be done. Go for it guys. It'll give you a new perspective. All the books are well written. The writer surely knows our epics well." - Divya Branwal, Amazon India

"I am a fan of books that portray mythical stories with respect to the present era. With Sita Chronicles just doing it that way, my love for this book is immense! I keep waiting for the release of each book and would rush to grab a copy of it as soon as it is released. I am yet to read the 5th book but the other 4 books are awesome! Especially the 1st and the 4th. The story has been portioned in the right way and the suspense and grip is being maintained. My immense love and pride for Neha! Such a wonderful character and she is wonderfully portrayed in the series!" - Shenba L.

"... Although Mayers dives right into this third installment [White Sapphire], her meticulous prose will slowly ease readers into the series, whether they’re new or returning... A series installment that further develops its sturdy characters, but still leaves a bounty of curious subplots unresolved." - Kirkus Reviews


Already read The Sita Chronicles?

Continue the journey with an entirely new 5-book prequel/sequel series as the legend continues with

The Glorious Victories of Eleanor MacLeod


Meet Eleanor MacLeod.

She's more than meets the eye, and so is her story.

Five books. A singularly unique heroine.

An all new Ashley Mayers epic set in the roaring 1920s. 

From the Hindu-inspired fantasy world of author Ashley Mayers and her popular first seven-book series The Sita Chronicles, Eleanor's saga is an art deco fantasy epic that explores feminine strength, the meaning of life and death, and the nature of good and evil. Arranged as five books, each a nod to a classic genre, the series follows the life of a vivacious, war-veteran nurse, Eleanor MacLeod, as she crosses paths with a crew of powerful beings and is brought into their fold with secrets she cannot reveal, especially to her new half-human husband. Set in the height of the hopeful, scarred, bacchanalian 1920s, Eleanor's story is a poignant yet lighthearted exploration of the ripples of impact created by an exceptionally powerful woman making her imperfect way in the world.

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