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7 books. 1 Million Words. A Modern Epic to Transcend the Ages.

Seven powerful heroines must find their strength and come together to save two worlds from an interplanetary apocalypse in a completely modern, multicultural epic that is "hauntingly relevant to today's world."

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"This is a FABULOUS read! … The story just flowed so well and the characters were very real and relatable - characters you care about and can't wait to find out what will happen next. I HIGHLY recommend this to those who enjoy great writing as well as a book that spans cultures and time/history." Sherri Smith, GoodReads


"THIS WAS SO GREAT! I absolutely love the world building … The ensemble cast of characters is also fantastic! They all have interesting backstories and distinct personalities. Writing is great, story is awesome, pacing on point." Verona Eekma de Vries, GoodReads


“Once the foundation was built, I thought I was on a ‘skyscraper’ metaphorically speaking. This book is outstanding.” Janet Arroyo, GoodReads


"Violet Sapphire is an amazing follow up to Red Sapphire and in my opinion I found the second book even better. The story is exciting, packed full of mysteries and looming danger, all created through great writing. I found the characters more intriguing in this book as more aspects of their backgrounds are uncovered but you're still left with lingering questions about parts of their stories and destined paths... This is an amazing follow up to a fantastic first book and I'd recommend for everyone to at least try to start this series." Reading Corner, GoodReads


"I really enjoyed this book, it's made me feel better about YA. It's super well written, the characters are realistic and had realistic reactions to the events. I loved the independence and the strength of the female characters and that the main character, Supriya, didn't need to be saved as such. But she also wasn't this super powerful "I can do anything on my own" all of a sudden either. The mythology of the book was also well written and interesting. I loved that the few scenes that took place in India didn't have an "exotic wonderland" setting that a lot of YA has been doing recently. All in all this was great. Diverse, realistic and strong characters, a super interesting world and an interesting storyline :)" Gotherella BioVenom, GoodReads


"This series is shockingly good, much better than I realized even as I finished the first book, and I highly recommend it." Anika Shankar, GoodReads

"Will be waiting for the next installment. Shanti and Vibhishana are clearly the heroes in this out of the world explanation giving Ramayan a new twist. Here Raam surely knows what wrong he did, and Sita knows what should be done. Go for it guys. It'll give you a new perspective. All the books are well written. The writer surely knows our epics well." - Divya Branwal, Amazon India

"I am a fan of books that portray mythical stories with respect to the present era. With Sita Chronicles just doing it that way, my love for this book is immense! I keep waiting for the release of each book and would rush to grab a copy of it as soon as it is released. I am yet to read the 5th book but the other 4 books are awesome! Especially the 1st and the 4th. The story has been portioned in the right way and the suspense and grip is being maintained. My immense love and pride for Neha! Such a wonderful character and she is wonderfully portrayed in the series!" - Shenba L.

"... Although Mayers dives right into this third installment [White Sapphire], her meticulous prose will slowly ease readers into the series, whether they’re new or returning... A series installment that further develops its sturdy characters, but still leaves a bounty of curious subplots unresolved." - Kirkus Reviews