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THE SITA CHRONICLES are dedicated to all of the bastions of goodness who have made the world a better place through their ongoing demonstration of the depths of human kindness and generosity.





My parents, Cindy & Mike Roof, who taught me to follow my dreams and gave me the skills and the tenacity to make them come true.


My dear friends, Rupa Aurangabadkar, Syed Parveen, Supriya Nair, Hajira Shaheen, and Ramya Srinivasan,

for lending their names to my characters and embodying the beautiful diversity and extraordinary kindness of India.


My Indian brother, Shyam Prasad Reddy, 

for countless honest discussions about religion, politics, history, philosophy and Jugadh from the Google office in Hyderabad to the wild jungles of Kerala.


Mon frère français, Augustin du Payrat, et sa famille, Véronique, Armand, Amélie, Catalina, et Thomas 

qui ne cessent de démontrer la beauté de la bonté extraordinaire pour les aventuriers et les voyageurs fatigués.



Special Thanks to:


Editorial preview readers:

Cindy & Mike Roof, Eric Mayers, Mike Zuniga, Doris Simonis, Stacey Planzer, Daphne Quan, Alexandra Paskulin, Hajira Shaheen, Lily Han, and Dan Belov


Book editors : Allison Hagan & Stacey Planzer


Book cover designer: The Mule - Angelheart Design


My high school English teachers who not only taught me how to write, but who taught me to love writing: Mrs. Mason & Mrs. Harknett



In Loving Memory:

The woman who dedicated her life to the education of young women and whose legacy survives as the Maharani Girls School of Baroda:

Mabel Needham


The teachers who inspired me to see the world and always underestimated the impact that their enthusiasm had on the lives of their students:

Mr. Mitch, Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Hodgins


The man who never let anything stand in his way, who brought education to millions, and life lessons to the dinner table, my grandfather:

Charles E. Chapman


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